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Casas da chaminé

She … loves new experiences, meeting new people and their stories, and also relaxing within nature. She’s Cláudia, she’ Rodrigo’s mother and she’s married to Mário. She’s a psychologist and the “Nordeste” runs in her blood, as well as, in the history of her ancestors.

He … is always ready for a new adventure, loves entertaining and have the house full of people. He’s Mário, he’s Rodrigo’s father and Cláudia’s husband. When he’s not in the “Casas da Chaminé” he works as an architect. He fell in love with “Nordeste” and it is in the countryside that he recharges his energy and warms his heart.

Together they’ve built the “Casas da Chaminé” and have turn it into an unforgettable place, which will enable good memories to anyone who visits the place.

It was in 2017 that they acquire the ruin that, after having undergone major transformations, today presents itself as a comfortable and unique space. Every detail was and is thought to make you feel at home, in your home.

Where we are

Rua da Courela nº 16
9630 -088 Lomba da Fazenda
Nordeste- S. Miguel

Coordinates: 37º50’16.65”N    25º09’36.44”O

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